Update 17

-added first of the corporate factions and bosses (the Robotic Mining Corp) which is encountered at the end of the 4th zone of the campaign

-added 2 new campaign node types and modified or changed opening dialogue in several others

-Re-balanced campaign difficulty: each difficulty level now has the same starting resources, some mechanics are only active in normal or hard, enemy fleets size still increases faster in normal and hard, but now on certain nodes the enemy fleet will scale up even more or bring in different unit types to match the strength of the player's forces for that battle

-fixed stability of campaign save/load actions

-decreased size of campaign save files

-custom attacks, effects, and highlights can now be added to units in the campaign (primarily used in boss fights)

-super wave cannon effects are now always drawn regardless of view distance

-fixed bug where weapons would fire at already destroyed objects

-"gladiator" nodes no longer allow allied escort fleets

-improved collisions for cruisers and command centers

-units will no longer push allied units with higher push strength

-fixed potential crash when drawing formations with multiple lines when the first part was drawn without the formation hotkey




Additional Notes:


The first of the corporate factions (uses the Imperial units and buildings) has now been added, which can be reached in the 4th zone of the campaign. The plan right now is to have the full rogue fleet campaign consist of 6 zones (3 frontier zones with pirate bosses, 2 corporate zones with corporate bosses, and 1 imperial zone with the final boss.) Subsequent corporate bosses also shouldn't take as long to implement since most of the new scripting work (adding in custom attacks and customizing the production AI in each particular level) is already implemented and I won't have to make a new 3d model for each boss (since they use the standard Command Center model.) Since they don't center on a single flagship, there's a bit more room to add in more complicated mechanics and more of the standard RTS base building gameplay into these levels.

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