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Empyrean Frontier community

Singleplayer RTS game with procedural campaign

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Recent updates

Update 19
-added new enemy faction and boss fight to the campaign -added 6 additional campaign missions with multiple map and faction combinations -added new skirmish map...
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Update 18
-added 24 tech upgrades and added new GUI elements for researching and displaying techs, abilities, buffs, and debuffs -added 2 new frigate unit abilities (EM...
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Update 17
-added first of the corporate factions and bosses (the Robotic Mining Corp) which is encountered at the end of the 4th zone of the campaign -added 2 new campaig...
Update 16
Update 16: -added Steam Achievements with 14 unlockable achievements -added borderless window mode, which can be set in the Options menu -fixed potential cra...
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Update 15
-added new arcade menu and "Boss Rush" mode where the player can fight the 4 currently available pirate bosses from the campaign -added automatic "setup fleet"...
Update 14
-added new GUI that displays shortcut buttons for the flagship's modules on the right side of the screen -formation move orders can now be drawn simply by holdi...
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Update 13
-added new flagship and boss fight node for the new 4th enemy pirate faction, the Alpha Exiles -added 3 other mission nodes to the campaign -added explosive min...
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Update 12: Shields
Patch Notes: -added damage absorbing shields in addition to regular health attributes for all units and structures -shield bars and related icons are now cyan c...
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