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Empyrean Frontier

Singleplayer RTS game with procedural campaign · By GaldorStudios


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1.0 Release and patch 1.01
Empyrean Frontier Full Release Empyrean Frontier has officially left early access! I want to first say thank you to everyone who played and supported the ear...
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Update 22
Voice Effects: This update adds a variety of voice effects for unit selection, move orders, and attack orders, as well as notifications for important events (...
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Update 21
New Price and Launch Date Announced Empyrean Frontier is now scheduled to leave early access on August 31st. The price has also been reduced from $19.99 USD to...
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Update 20
-added 6 special unit upgrades which can be unlocked through collecting random crates or completing certain campaign missions -added new mouse-over panels to al...
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Update 19
-added new enemy faction and boss fight to the campaign -added 6 additional campaign missions with multiple map and faction combinations -added new skirmish map...
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Update 18
-added 24 tech upgrades and added new GUI elements for researching and displaying techs, abilities, buffs, and debuffs -added 2 new frigate unit abilities (EM...
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Update 17
-added first of the corporate factions and bosses (the Robotic Mining Corp) which is encountered at the end of the 4th zone of the campaign -added 2 new campaig...
Update 16
Update 16: -added Steam Achievements with 14 unlockable achievements -added borderless window mode, which can be set in the Options menu -fixed potential cra...
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