Update 13

-added new flagship and boss fight node for the new 4th enemy pirate faction, the Alpha Exiles

-added 3 other mission nodes to the campaign

-added explosive mines (used by the new flagship and on 2 of the other missions)

-the Command Ship's unit info panel in the bottom bar now displays small icons over the shortcut buttons, showing what type of modules are currently connected

-defensive move orders will no longer be triggered by friendly fire

-optimized projectile drawing, and reduced the particle effects spawned by units or projectiles offscreen

-Union AI players will now attempt to rebuild their capital shipyard if they currently do not have one

-improved strategic decision making for the AI and fixed a bug that caused AI players with bases to hesitate when they have high confrontation values

-enemy flagship bosses now have their shield health capped at 5% on easy and 25% on normal difficulty

-fixed bug where flagship unlocks wouldn't be loaded if the player started a new campaign without first going to the main menu


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Oct 26, 2017

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