Update 14

-added new GUI that displays shortcut buttons for the flagship's modules on the right side of the screen

-formation move orders can now be drawn simply by holding and dragging the right mouse button (formations split into multiple parts still require use of the formation hotkey)

-added new customizable hotkey commands for "select all units that match the currently selected types" "select all combat units" and "select all units"

-flagship modules and Command Ships are no longer displayed in the player's side of the pre-battle fleet unit list during the campaign

-the enemy side of the pre-battle fleet unit list now displays all enemy buildings and modules

-buildings and modules that aren't production buildings no longer have rally points

-the new flagship menu and some dialogue messages now allow right click orders to be issued through them

-cruisers given rotation orders will now turn to face the direction their main weapon direction is set

-rotation orders can now be given when the game is paused

-fixed bug where units would sometimes ignore non-player given move orders after getting a rotation order

-fixed bug in the choose campaign menu when lag occurred if the player clicked start before selecting a campaign type

-fixed bug where the selection box wouldn't work if the bottom corner ended over the minimap or other interface objects

-fixed bug where mouse over panels inside scroll panels could remain visible when the mouse moved outside the scroll panel

-non-movable units are no longer considered when calculating formation spacing

-units bunch up less when given tight formation orders

-fixed bug where the AI would sometimes regroup units in the vertical direction above or below the map

-fixed bug where the resolution could be inaccurate, potentially leading to a crash the first time the game was launched from steam after updating


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Version 22 Dec 25, 2017

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