Update 15

-added new arcade menu and "Boss Rush" mode where the player can fight the 4 currently available pirate bosses from the campaign

-added automatic "setup fleet" and "clear fleet" buttons to the campaign setup menu (these allow the player to fill up their starting campaign fleet and flagship modules with 1 click - useful for new players who aren't sure which units to choose)

-units that aren't colony ships or fleets can now no longer be set to target allied or neutral planets or moons

-harvesters will now ignore targeted attack orders and attack move orders

-changed formation nodes list to a pool with a limited node count. This fixes a bug where drawing a formation line for a very long time could lead to a crash

-formation move orders drawn with just the right mouse button (no hotkey) will now properly add in intermediate nodes at the end of the drawing

-fixed bug where pressing the number keys during quest dialogue would also select the corresponding option for the regular node dialogue hidden below it

-changed spelling error in the tutorial node for the campaign

-fixed a possible crash that could occur when interacting with campaign nodes quickly after finishing a battle

-fixed bug where going from the main campaign setup screen directly to the tutorial campaign would keep the last currently selected flagship from the main campaign instead of using the Flagship 1 model that the tutorial is designed for

-allied units in the campaign battle menu will now correctly appear to be selected when there is a limited unit count

-in tutorial 1 the user can now skip the intro camera movements by pressing the escape key, also user input is disabled during the next 2 camera quick movements. Also the enemy fighters being spawned in have less health and shields to make the battle go faster.

-the player can also skip the camera intros in tutorials 2, 4, and 5



Some Additional Notes:


The "Boss Rush" mode as it exists right now, is designed to be a quick demo of the various bosses and at this point, it is useful for showing off some of the most interesting fights from the campaign. Eventually, (after the final launch) I'll probably require the player to beat these bosses during the regular campaign first, and the player will probably take a single persistent fleet from boss to boss, making it more of a proper "boss rush" mode.


The arcade mode will have additional modes when the game is finished, but for now that's a low priority. (For instance I already have a working variation on tower defense, however it's not available in the public builds of the game, as it is still relatively unpolished and when it comes to early access publicity, especially from streamers and youtubers, showing just that kind of extra arcade mode could give viewers the wrong impression of the game.)


I've recently discovered that there is a potential crash in this and other directx/XNA based games where the game cannot run in fullscreen mode if the user has a 3 monitor setup where monitor 3 is a duplicate of monitor 1. (It seems to be just this specific setup that doesn't work, not other 1, 2 or 3 monitor setups. I've been trying to find a solution, but for now, if this is your screen setup, I recommend disconnecting the duplicate monitor.)




The next big item on my todo list is implementing the first steam achievements. I'll try to make these interesting, probably tied to milestones or special challenges in the campaign (defeating bosses, completing certain missions without losing units, or under a time limit, or other special accomplishments.)

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