Update 16

Update 16:


-added Steam Achievements with 14 unlockable achievements

-added borderless window mode, which can be set in the Options menu

-fixed potential crash involving fullscreen mode while multiple monitors are connected

-added new research menu

-added a new button in the bottom right corner of the screen for bringing up the research menu that is no longer dependent on having a Command Center or Command Ship

-updated tutorial 2 to refer to the new research menu and prevent the player from skipping to higher tech levels

-cruisers and command ships are now able to push smaller ships out of the way

-the Fire Hawks boss has a much more powerful version of this push effect during its charge attacks

-improved unit pathfinding and collision avoidance

-fixed potential crash during the campaign related to saving/loading

-fixed potential divide by 0 error with credit or ore spending

-various optimizations for better performance



Additional Notes:


The icons for the steam achievements are all the same image for now, although I plan to update them eventually. There are also a number of hidden achievements in the list of achievements; these are just placeholders for campaign related achievements that are not currently implemented. (It's not possible to re-order a game's achievements after they've been added, so I'll be updating these placeholders so the final display order will have related achievements next to each other and in the right order.)


I ended up spending a lot more time than I had hoped to working on the display and save/load bugs, but they seem to be fixed now. It's always possible that certain display configurations still have issues, I wasn't even aware of the fullscreen problem until I got a 3rd monitor which duplicates my main display.


I'm returning my focus to making more missions and bosses for the campaign, although I'll also be working on adding some new techs and unit abilities. With the new research menu, I'll be able to add techs more easily, it's just a matter of coming up with some relatively interesting upgrades and balancing everything. I'm also trying out adding special unlockable techs to the campaign, but I'm not 100% sure that'll end up in the final build.


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